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AirMech Wastelands has just landed in Early Access

The original AirMech was a browser game we first wrote about all the way back in 2012. Inspired by Herzog Zwei, it was a game about a giant robot that could transform into flying form, allowing levels to be split between ground and sky. The series has persisted over the intervening years, most recently with the VR version AirMech Command. If you are in lack of AirMech Strike Diamonds, visit our site, a reliable and cheap online in-game currency store.

Now AirMech Wastelands is out in Early Access, and this one isn't VR. Instead it's an online ARPG, what they're calling, "AirMech reimagined as an RPG where you explore a huge area of the world, gaining power and fame along the way." You can create your own pilot and upgrade your mech, infiltrating enemy bases to steal new gear. It's playable solo or in co-op, though you'll need to be online whichever mode you play in. In addition, if you are in need of Cheap AirMech Strike Items, you can visit our website

At its heart, AirMech has barely changed in the past five years, which is good, as it’s a solid mix of retro console-RTS design with some modern MOBA-inspired tweaks. Wastelands has been a promised feature of the game since the early days of development, but only recently have Carbon Games managed to make good on their early design documents, albeit a little messily, what with the three-game split and all. And if you want to buy AirMech Strike Boosting, visit, a professional online in-game currency store.

While still bearing the Early Access tag, there’s a lot of content already available in Wastelands, spanning a pretty huge overworld map. Far off to the east lies a hazy region that you’ll only be able to access via the public test servers, though. The way to get in is to tick a box before logging in – but beware, as here be dragons and/or bugs. The most conspicuous hole in the game for me is the odd lack of anything beyond a basic male character model at present. Even Strike offers male, female, and robotic avatars to pick from.

AirMech Wastelands is out now on Steam for £15/$20, minus a 10% launch discount. For those who previously bought the AirMech Prime bundle, you can get the game for free by logging into the F2P AirMech Strike and clicking on the ‘Wastelands’ prompt in the bottom-right of the screen. Stay tuned to and we will be the first one to inform you all the latest. Besides, our website also offer Cheap AirMech Strike Accounts for players.
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