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Blizzard concludes following WoW servers DDoS attacks

After suffering several DDoS attacks on September 07 and 08, Blizzard reported on the progress and conclusion of these events that slowed or even prevented players from connecting to WoW Classic and World of Warcraft servers: Battle for Azeroth.

A DDoS Attack is the abbreviation for "Distributed Denial of Service Attack", literally "Distributed Denial of Service Attack"

A DDoS attack is intended to render a server, service or infrastructure unavailable. The attack can take different forms: a saturation of the bandwidth of the server to make it unreachable, a depletion of the system resources of the machine, thus preventing it from answering the legitimate traffic.

On 07 and 08 September 2019, servers hosting World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth and WoW Classic were victims of DDoS attacks resulting in the slowdown or even the inability to access servers for the players of these games. In order to inform the players about the consequences of these events, Blizzard chose to communicate on this subject: the person in charge would be in the hands of the authorities.

The penalty is not insignificant since Calin Mateias, another hacker, had in the past already been sentenced to prison and fined $ 29,987 for attacking Blizzard's servers.

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