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EA may have to pull Maradona icon card from FIFA 22 due to trademark related issues

The partnership with football legend Diego Armando Maradona continues on FIFA 22, now present for several years as a FUT Icon on the famous EA title, but there are some news that will not please fans of the game: in fact, the EA could be forced to remove Maradona from the simulation video game.

It looks like EA may have to pull Maradona's icon card due to trademark related issues. As reported by Argentinian news website Infobae (thanks, Eurogamer), a trademark rights claim has been recognised by an Argentinian judge. EA had negotiated the deal for Maradona's name and likeness rights with his long-time friend and former manager Stéfano Ceci. However, Ceci could not prove that he possessed the legal powers needed to sign such agreements.

The Argentine court has recognised that the trademark owner for Maradona’s license is, in fact, Sattvica, the company of Matías Morla, who was the former lawyer of Maradona. Morla apparently gained control of the Maradona brand last August.

It is therefore difficult to establish at the moment where the reason is, the fact is that the federal judge Marcelo Gota has requested to block the use of Maradona pending any investigations and developments on the issue, but obviously we will have to wait to understand how it will evolve. the whole.

Maradona is currently still present on FIFA 22, but his permanence within the title is at least uncertain. EA has not yet released any statements regarding the story, so the measures that will be taken in case the legend is permanently removed from the game are not yet known.

Elsewhere in the realm of FIFA, 30,000 FIFA 22 players have been banned from the game for using a “no loss glitch” that allows them to exit games without actually incurring a loss in their in-game records.

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