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Escape from Tarkov players are 1 million rubles richer

Escape From Tarkov's developers have apologized on Twitter for the weekend's server issues, which kept many players out of the game or caused them to be disconnected mid-raid. But studio Battlestate Games is doing more than just apologizing--it's compensating players with 1 million in-game roubles for the trouble.

In a tweet explaining the situation, Battlestate Games says players have three days (starting February 10) to collect their free in-game cash. Just load up the game and find your compensation in the form of a letter in your messenger at the bottom right. You can collect your roubles even if you didn't play Escape From Tarkov this weekend and weren't directly affected by the server issues. The letter will remain in your messages for 48 hours the next time you login. If you've already launched the game but haven't collected your roubles, you should check now before it's too late.

Server and connectivity issues have plagued Tarkov since its release some years back. The recent update, applied in October 2019, was supposed to lay the groundwork for upgrading the infrastructure that supports the game. It seems that the team at Battlestate still has a lot of work to do to shore up the experience for players. Servers were taken down early this morning for another update, and patch notes are available via Twitter. And if you want to Buy EFT Euros, visit, a professional online in-game currency store.

To get your 1 million Rubles, just log into the client and start the game. You’ll have a message waiting for you that will allow you to claim two half-million Ruble stacks of cash. Note that once you log into the game, you only have 48 hours to claim those Rubles before they’re no longer available.

Unfortunately, this is not the only controversy BattleState Games has seen in recent months. The developers recently came under fire and responded to accusations of sexism. As Escape from Tarkov grows in popularity, these sorts of issues will likely pop up more and more frequently.
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