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Here are about fifa 22 of Release Date,Cover,consoles news

As always with FIFA, gaming fans care most about gameplay changes as the game is released yearly, so people need to see proper changes otherwise they do not think the FIFA game is much different from the one before it.

Various leaks have surfaced over the past few weeks regarding gameplay and in-game screenshots, despite EA's latest creation having let to be revealed to the world.

FIFA 21 is currently being played by many across the globe, so it is understandable to see such excitement for FIFA 22.

FIFA 22 Release Date
Typically the game is released annually by EA Sports. If we look back at previous editions fo FIFA, we can see that they normally come out around September. For now, although it is not officially confirmed, we can expect FIFA 22 to be released in September.

Rumours suggest that it will be released on September 24th. Obviously this is still a long way away however there is no doubt going to be a lot of build up around the new game from the summer.

Who is on the cover of FIFA 22?
With the release of the game still a few months away, we might not get a definitive answer to this question for some time.

We see many fan edits as people try and get their favourite footballers to become the cover star of the game. A recent one of Jude Bellingham went viral on social media, with many hoping the young England prospect will be on the front of FIFA 22.

However nothing has been confirmed yet. In the past we have seen stars like Ronaldinho, Wayne Rooney, Lionel Messi and Marco Reus feature on the cover. Most recently we saw Kylian Mbappe on the front of FIFA 21.

Directional Nutmegs will be nerfed in FIFA 22
Directional nutmegs are a great skill, but some have complained that they are too overpowered and the fact you can use them in any situation is somewhat unrealistic.

Therefore, people who felt this way will be over the moon to hear the latest leak from @KingLangpard, which reveals that the skill move will definitely not be overpowered in FIFA 22.

FIFA 22 Beta Leaks
Thanks to KingPangpard, we now have more information regarding what FIFA 22 could potentially look like once it is launched in the autumn and what we can expect from the latest game in the franchise.

All new statistics, including expected goals (xG) and updated heat maps, look to be part of the latest edition.

While on Ultimate Team, fans can be treated to new Icons and the possibility of different games to play within the mode.

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