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Kingdom The Blood Pledge is dedicated to hardcore players who love classic MMO titles

Kingdom: The Blood Pledge is a mobile MMORPG Open World that takes you through a free world on a seamless map. Explore the fields of grasslands, wastelands, deserts, and more, and experience the ultimate PVP action. as well as survive the battle in this brutal world!

Kingdom: The Blood Pledge is dedicated to hardcore players who love classic MMO titles. In this truly open world, you can play the role of characters designed in the form of European myths such as Swordsmen, Archers, Mage, Gladiators… and learn more than 100 unique skills for the character.

Kingdom: The Blood Pledge is dedicated to true hardcore players and pays absolute homage to classic PC MMO titles. In this completely open world, you can allocate stat points at will, learn over a hundred unique skills, and empower your character using runes and crystals to shape your own character. Trade freely and earn money overnight! Engage in ruthless chases and epic sieges anytime, anywhere with players from all over the world.

There are 4 Career Classes to Choose from
In this game, players can choose up to 4 types of careers according to their individual preferences. The classes we can choose to play with are:
  • Warrior - a melee class that uses swords and shields as weapons and acts as a tank for the team. The damage is also very hard.
  • Ranger - An archer who focuses on ranged attacks, super agile, but unfortunately his DEF is very weak.
  • Assassin - An assassin who uses a pair of knives as weapons. His speed is like the wind with poison usage skills that can kill enemies easily.
  • Mage - A magician who comes with a stick and has various skills, both attack skills, healing skills, and enemy debuff skills.

And we can also go out to hunt and snatch bosses for valuable items, equipment and prizes. Or you can work with your friends to get rid of the Boss! Or go out and experience the intense 300 VS 300 city war that has gathered players from over 150 countries around the world to fight for victory!

There are several branches for leveling, they are a bit like Path of Exile, but in fact only visually: there is not much freedom of choice in The Blood Pledge. Weapons can be sharpened, already at an early stage there is a chance of breaking equipment if an attempt is unsuccessful. The graphics look at the level of mobile phones, far from the level of Black Desert Mobile and Blade & Soul Revolution. The developers are talking about free trade. Overall, the game received 4.0 stars out of 5 on Google Play.

The Market is unlocked once you reach Lv.25, and allows you to sell or buy weapons, defensive gear, accessories, skill books, consumables, and other crafting items (with the exception of bound or event items). Diamond is the currency of the trade. You need to use different types of materials and gold for opening your rune. This will allow you to get stronger, but with every rune unlock, the next one in the path will cost more. This may end up making you low on gold and materials, so be careful while planning your rune to build a way out. To enhance your adventure, you are recommended to buy Kingdom The Blood Pledge Diamonds Cheap Top Up Service for Sale at from trusted and verified sellers, no hack, no cheats, no generator, 100% safe!
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