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MapleStory M Will Feature Five Classes at Launch with Additional Classes to be Added in the Future

There are over 40 characters to choose from all have their own special abilities and most have unique stories and quest lines as well. Most characters have linear skill progression, but characters that fall under the Explorer, Cygnus Knights, and Resistance jobs can branch out and specialize at early levels. All channels within a world share the same character data, so you can freely change between different channels within the world.
The game was released initially in Korea in October 2016, and it was the free game on both App Store and Google Play Store. It will be available on the App Store later this year as well. Players who partake in the beta will be the first to explore Maple World with five unique characters, team up with friends to explore mysterious dungeons and get a sneak peek into the various customization options, including the all-new forge system.

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Epic Armor Draw Ticket: Use this ticket to receive one piece of Epic armor. Item is consumed upon use. (Untradeable; 14-day duration)
Inventory Expansion Ticket (x4): Use this ticket to expand your inventory slots! Item is consumed upon use. (Untradeable; 14-day duration)
Mysterious Armor Refining Powder (Epic) (x100): Use this item to refine a piece of armor to Epic status. Item is consumed upon use. (Untradeable; 14-day duration)
Orange EXP Increase Ticket (x5): Use this ticket to receive a 30% EXP increase for 15 minutes. Item is consumed upon use.(Untradeable; 14-day duration)
If you're wondering which character to play, let us offer you some basic tips on how to choose your best-suited character job. Think about what mode you like playing in Magic or more physical? There are so many challenges and daily missions for you to complete that you don't have to worry about getting bored in this game. You can literally do a hands-off this mobile game when you switch on your auto-quest and auto-battle modes.
Once you are level 25, ensure you have enough potions, set your character in the highest possible Mini Dungeon, click Auto and then you are free to go offline. If you are you looking for more about Buy MapleStory M Currency check out our website. Note that while Auto-battling online, if you run out of the currently selected potions, your pet automatically switches to any other type of pot you are holding but it will not do this when you are offline. This method will garner you a few million mesos a day. And what's awesome about it, is that you hardly have to do anything apart from the initial set up.
Hunt for Loot in Daily Dungeons: Players can power up characters with jewels found in daily dungeons. Different jewels are available each day of the week, so players can keep coming back for more.
Power Level in Private Mini Dungeons: Players can focus their leveling efforts by taking down monsters of their choice and hunt specific quest items in their very own mini-dungeon.
Seek Out the Master of the Mu Lung Dojo: This challenge tasks players to climb floor after floor and defeat monsters along the way. Once they reach the top, they'll face the martial arts master himself, Mu Gong.
Only 8 characters can be created on each world per account initially, but you can buy additional character slots up to a max of 42 in the Cash Shop. Occasionally, special in-game events will reward you with extra character slots as well. To keep your account safe, you are required to set a Personal Identification Code before you start playing.
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