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My Home Design Dreams is a new match-3 game for the iOS and Android platforms

My Home – Design Dreams is a new match-3 game for the iOS and Android platforms where you participate in match-three games, while renovating a house. You can buy new home design elements, play games for coins and bucks/credits, and add all kinds of elements to your room and house for style points.

This game allows you to design your very own room. Adding furniture requires coins or cash. Coins can be obtained from playing the Challenge levels located at the bottom right. This is where you get to play the match-three game challenge. Each level will have its own requirement where you will have to match a certain number of pieces.

You might be tempted to purchase the expensive ones first. But I suggest spending your coins on those cheap furnitures first. Once you have run out of coins, continue playing the Challenge levels until you can afford the more expensive ones. Purchasing furniture will reward you with Style Points and also unlocks new furniture for you to purchase. Once you have reached the required amount of Style Points, you will be able to gain access to the next room. But if you want to replace your furniture with an expensive one, you can do so once you are able to afford them. Buy cheap My Home Design Dreams Accounts via reputable seller, cheap, safe, no ban and no hack happened!

Not all furniture in one segment is created equal, though. Sometimes one of your choices will be unavailable because you have to unlock it somewhere, or it will be too expensive. You can buy a cheaper one and then switch it out later if you want to. For cost-effectiveness, though, generally it’s better to wait until you unlock the better furniture in order to buy and place it.

Make sure to also complete all the daily tasks where you can obtain activity points for every daily task completed. Once you have reached a certain number of activity points, you can tap on the eggs above and presents on the left to obtain cash+boosters. Take note that Daily Tasks will reset daily and activity points will reset every Monday. Once you have reached a certain level, you can tap on the present icon at the top right from your room to collect the ‘Progress Gift’ rewards.
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