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Releasing on 25 May, World of Warcraft Folks and Fairy Tales gives extra

Releasing on 25 May, World of Warcraft: Folks & Fairy Tales gives extra insight into many characters in the game and some fans have been lucky enough to receive a copy early.

Chromie, the bronze dragon Chronormu from World of Warcraft in the form of a female gnome, was officially revealed as a transgender in a new book, Folk and Fairy Tales of Azeroth.

A tale centered on the origins of Chromie was featured in the collection of various anecdotes from across WoW folklore, which some fans received before the book's official release date, May 25. The storyteller begins by referring to Chromie as he / she, but once Chromie goes through a right of way known as the Visage Group, the character is referred to as he / she is in his Gnome and Dragon forms.

In this way, a clarification comes to us from the main narrative designer World of Warcraft, who confirms in the face of all the confusion that Chromie is transsexual, this was announced by this through Twitter in response to a curious fan.

"Hello! A lot of people have this question about your Chromie story. There's a bit of confusion regarding the reveal, so it would be great if she could help us educate ourselves a bit. Is she supposed to be trans (always her) or gender fluid (she like a gnome, he like a dragon)? ”, User KiraserHQ consulted.

Chromie isn't the first trans character in the WoW universe, but she's arguably the most important. He first appeared in Vanilla WoW as an NPC performing missions at a deserted inn in the Western Plaguelands. Since then, she has been regularly involved in any WoW scenario that involves time travel, and recently got more in-game as an NPC allowing players to access older expansions on renewal. leveling that happened prior to the release of the game's latest expansion, Shadowlands. . She can also be seen in the WoW Classic teaser trailer, where she boldly states "someone once said you couldn't go home but lacked vision and temporary discombobulator." Chromie is also playable in Blizzard's most abandoned MOBA, Heroes of the Storm.

While this could simply be a fantasy tale, many fans are interpreting the story as Chromie now being canonically trans.Unfortunately some players, having referred to Chromie with she/her pronouns throughout the game until now, are now choosing to misgender the character.

WoW players are currently on hold, as Shadowlands players are still waiting for the expansion's first main content patch, Chains of Domination, while WoW Classic players prepare to enter the Dark Portal with the arrival of The Burning Classic Crusade on June 1st.

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