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Roblox: The breeze that is more successful than Fortnite and YouTube

Every month, 100 million people play Fortnite Battle Royale, which is currently considered an absolute over-game. But the makers of the game kit "Roblox" put it on top. They reach 90 million users and one billion hours of gambling a month. This corresponds to around 114,000 calendar years, which mainly children spend in the colorful Roblox world.

In the US, the mix of gaming and programming among kids is already more successful than YouTube and Fortnite. And now the triumph is to start in Germany. LEAD has the ten most important questions and answers about Roblox.

Above all, Roblox is a huge playground where kids can choose from a plethora of entertaining little games, like the Netflix movie and series page. In English there should be nearly 60 million Roblox games. And those browsing the menu on or in the Roblox apps, actually comes up with an almost unmanageable number of games. They all can also be used in Germany - a huge and mostly free app store.


For the first time, Roblox has translated 150 of the most popular games in German, and also offers German-language menus and parenting information for its service. But the special thing about Roblox is that every user can program their own games and earn money with them. It's about as if Netflix customers could shoot and publish their own films.

Anyone signing up for the first time ends up in an overview that shows the most popular games at the moment. This includes the huge hit "Work in a pizzeria", which counts 6.3 million players as their favorites. Under the menu item "Games" then appears a huge selection, as on Netflix, with games such as "Escape McDonald's", "Boat building and treasure hunt" or the family simulation "Adoptiere". Because copyright is handled relaxed at Roblox, there are about 100 games around "Game of Thrones" alone.

The pieces are mostly reminiscent of Duplo and Lego. And who calls a racing game like "Ultimate Driving: Westover Islands," marveling at pretty graphics that are somewhere between Minecraft and the PlayStation 1. But brilliant pictures are not what Roblox is all about. It is much more important for users to virtually hang out with "friends", to chat and to play against each other - actually quite similar to "Fortnite Battle Royale".

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