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Rogue Company is a better-performing game

There are loads of competitive shooters to play on both console and PC right now, but not enough of them offer full crossplay across a variety of platforms. Not enough of them have a lively fanbase. Not enough of them are free to play. Rogue Company is designed specifically to counter all of these issues. You want Counter Strike-like competitive gaming on your Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC, or Xbox, with cross-progression and all of your friends? Rogue Company is one of the few games available that does that. But cornering the market doesn't ensure success.

Players on Microsoft's newest consoles can choose between two settings after loading up Rogue Company for the first time. On Xbox Series X, the game supports 120FPS at 4K but will trade in the enhanced framerate for better visuals if players choose to do so or can't support the faster frames. The Series S has similar options, only going up to 1440p for its highest graphical fidelity. As tempting as it may be to switch on the higher framerate, the better deal might be in the visuals, which feel like a sequel's worth of visual polish piled onto a relatively new title.

There doesn't seem to be much in the way of worldbuilding when it comes to Rogue Company. It's certainly not necessary for a multiplayer game to have those elements, but it has helped hero shooters like Team Fortress and Hi-Rez's own Paladins stand out in the past. While each playable Rogue from this roster sticks out thanks to some distinctive visual design and more than a little leaning on tropes, their quips during gameplay just aren't that memorable. With the game's store already cycling through skins that overlay the characters with completely new personas (a trait the developer did learn from Paladins), maybe that doesn't matter so much.

That’s another feature worth mentioning – the loadout system. Again, like Counter-Strike, you begin each match with nothing but a pistol, a melee attack, and your Rogue’s special power. In the prep phase before diving from the dropship you have several seconds to open the shop menu, selecting weapons, guns, upgrades, and perks from your Rogue’s unique loadout. This adds some tactical nuance, allowing players to mould their character depending on the map as well as the composition of both their team and the opponents they face.

But like some of the other games mentioned, it does feel somewhat barebones. These game modes are all there are in the game, and while there's a small-but-solid selection of maps, you'll quickly find yourself getting deja vu. Though, when this is available to all after the early-access period you'll be able to invite all your friends to play with you, I imagine this early issue will be completely wiped away.

Rogue Company is available to download and play for free on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The Xbox Series X version was played for the purposes of these impressions, and an Epic Games Store code was previously provided to Screen Rant for review. as a professional site will offer you more game guide for Rogue Company Rogue Bucks use and buy. Follow us to get more information.
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