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San Diego Studios released the new MLB The Show 21 Field of Dreams program

On August 10, San Diego Studios released the new MLB The Show 21 Field of Dreams program. As part of that new program, SDS released a number of new offline quests that can be completed in order to accrue points for it. In addition to a special Showdown, MLB The Show 21 players can also complete a new Conquest map.

Who wouldn't want to play baseball in MLB's Field of Dreams ballpark?

Hitting home runs into giant cornstalks, fielding grounders on the pristine grass, memories of the 1989 film classic swirling in that warm Midwestern breeze.

Recreating the Field of Dreams was no small task for us, so we had to make our construction process very flexible. We first listed all the elements in the stadium that were unique and representative of this famous place - like the grain, for example. We could start developing the lighter structure environments like the seating areas and the surrounding area in general. One of the technically important things in the stadium is the dimensions of the field. The first render was a good start, but still far from really representing the dream.

When the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox hit the field this week surrounded by huge supplies of corn, you too can step on the field and live out your dreams with this update. The San Diego Studio team worked closely with the pitch architects and the MLB to faithfully recreate this one-of-a-kind pitch. We didn't stop at adding this iconic stadium to MLB THE SHOW 21, we devoted an entire week of live content to the Field of Dreams.

Here's a look at the big player rewards coming to the Field of Dreams Program:
  •     95 - Tom Henke - Blue Jays / Prime (RP) - Earned at 25 points
  •     99 - Brooks Robinson - Orioles / Gold Glove Awards (3B) - Earned at 50 points
  •     99 - Felix Hernandez - Mariners / Perfect Game Milestone (SP) - Earned at 90 Points
  •     99 - Roberto Clemente - Pirates / Signature Series (RF) - Earned at 100 Points

There are other rewards detailed throughout the Program including packs and more. The program is set to go live in Diamond Dynasty around 3 p.m. ET on Tuesday.

We hope you enjoy playing the Field of Dreams as much as we did designing it. Have fun with all the homers, no-hitters and the victories that you will experience in the light of the cornfield.

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