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Shakes and Fidget has features hand-drawn graphics and menu-based gameplay

Shakes and Fidget the MMO released for the PC in 2009. Unlike most other online games, it features hand-drawn graphics and menu-based gameplay. This adventure spinoff will translate that world into the point-and-click world while retaining its look and satirical fantasy world.

Since developer Playa Games gave the MMORPG Shakes & Fidget its own building game with the fortress update, the heroes' battle for new buildings, raw materials and gems has broken out. Yet another challenge lurks beneath the fortress. Players who have upgraded their gem mine to level 10 can now come across the "Heart of Darkness": a powerful jewel that opens the gate to the underworld.

Twelve different buildings can be erected around your own bulwark on a free piece of land, which you have to manage. With each stage of development, the structures provide important resources with which the players can improve their characters. In the treasury, for example, the inventory rucksack can be expanded from five to 20 spaces and in the academy you can search for experience points. Another central building is the mine, in which the players mine gems. These are socketed into suitable equipment and thus increase the hero's clout.

Indeed, during this short period of time, you will be able to visit the various stalls available: the gunsmith, the magician, the stable, or even go and see the various information on your character. Each quest is also punctuated by a fight which, when won, will give you your rewards. In addition to the few lines that punctuate your stories with humor, you will get experience points, honor points, and loot. It's up to you to choose between the three quests offered in relation to what you want to win and the time available to accomplish them. You will find a Thirst for Adventure gauge in the Tavern. It is this gauge that will allow you to perform the quests. If you want to speed up your quests, for example, you can rent a mount from the stable.

Point-and-click adventure games were popular in the ’90s with hits like the Monkey Island and King’s Quest series. But the genre has seen a resurgence on PC with games like Thimbleweed Park and Deponia.

Started as a pure browser game, RPG fans have been able to visit the Shakes & Fidget game world on the go for some time now. The apps for Android and iOS have recently been completely redeveloped and offer players the full range of comfort and functionality of the PC version. But even MMO enthusiasts who do not have a compatible device their own do not have to forego adventure: With the Classic app, Playa Games also offers Shakes & Fidget for older Android devices.

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