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The Alterac Valley Battleground is the largest of the World of Warcraft Classic Battlegrounds

The WoW Classic Alterac Valley Battleground is the largest of the World of Warcraft Classic Battlegrounds. Infamous for extremely long battles, sometimes lasting multiple days due to the potential for stalemate and effective nearly unbreakable defense. WoW first launched Warsong Gulch and Alterac Valley on June 7, 2005. As of December 10, 2019, both are now available in WoW Classic.

The popularity and infinite replayability of Alterac Valley created the template for all Epic Battlegrounds that have followed. It features a unique 40 v 40 player environment in a sprawling North-South oriented zone. Players will fight both enemy players and powerful NPCs in order to achieve victory! There are many in-depth mechanics present in the zone including resource gathering in order to upgrade and summon powerful allied NPCs including the iconic Elemental Lords Ivus of the Alliance and Rokholar of the Horde. By the way, you can buy cheap WOW Vanilla Gold from, where you can enjoy a 3% discount by using the code “5MMO”.

First and foremost, from an efficiency standpoint, it is always preferable to lose quickly, and thus be able to gain some Honor and enter another Battleground, rather than have extremely prolonged games. This is doubly true in Alterac Valley, as games can be extremely long when some conditions are met. The main condition that will cause your games to last forever, is having too many defenders relative to attackers. This will cause both sides to enter a stalemate, and should be avoided at all costs, if you have efficient Honor farming in mind.

Similarly, most sub-objectives are not worth pursuing from a Honor farming standpoint, as they have marginal impact on your ability to win Alterac Valley (Cavalry, Air Strikes, and Mine Supplies), or take too long (Ivus and Lokholar). This means that your main priority should be assaulting Towers, Bunkers and offensive Graveyards, followed by taking down the enemy faction boss. You should also have a small team of defenders (preferably stealth classes) whose only goal is to retake those important map objectives once most enemies move on, gaining your faction valuable time to attack their own objectives.
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