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The mobile game segment for the FIFA series has seen good traction

When developing FIFA Mobile, we focused on giving players the most exciting parts of football in quick and fun bursts while prioritizing gameplay and engaging, new ways to play FIFA on-the-go. This meant building a game that was optimized for the mobile player resulting in a fun and social game that loads quickly, runs smoothly on a wider range of devices, and has a small download size relative to the depth of features and content in the game.

With the change in its nomenclature, it seems like the company wants users to see the mobile game as a standalone entity instead of a mobile port of the console game. In last two three years, the mobile game segment for the FIFA series has seen good traction and the company would like for the series to continue on the same path.

Chief among the game's latest features is the Campaign, which breaks gameplay down into easily-digestible Chapters that will gradually reward gamers with various players and items. EA promises "many unique" Campaign missions, each of which offering a variety of special bonuses upon completion. The new season of FIFA Mobile will finally introduce player training, which will allow gamers to train any player up the ranks from Bronze to Silver, Gold, Elite, and eventually Master level. Toward that front, mobile players can also make use of new Skill Boosts, which provide incremental bonuses to stats and overall rating (OVR) and can help round out a team's defensive and offensive potency. By the way, you can buy Cheap FIFA Mobile Coins from, where you can enjoy a 3% discount by using the code “Z2U”.

Each week there's a Team of the Week event for you to complete, which awards you with TOTW points. If you complete all of the TOTW events in a month, you're awarded with POTM points to spend at a later date. It has also been known for you to be able to get POTM points from End or an Era events (EOE), giving you more chance to get points to spend on POTM players. The best thing to do is to simply complete the TOTW events each and every week, so that you have enough POTM Points to spend when the time comes. That may mean spending some real world money, however.

There are daily live events, an Attack Mode with new controls and short plays, and "Leagues," a new social element where you can join other teams, play against others, and get trophies. The game is free on the Play Store and in typical EA fashion, there are IAPs reaching $99.99. Keep in mind though that some users are suffering from hang-ups at launch, so this may not be a smooth experience from the first go.
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