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Two WoW Classic Players Kill a Boss in a 40 Man Raid Dungeon

World of Warcraft Classic has been a game that has shown how players evolve and that is that WoW players are much better than a decade ago, in the past to overcome the raid bosses required a minimum of 40 people and well armed to be able to avoid being crushed, if they did.

They have taken 57 minutes to complete such a task, but they have succeeded. Onyxia is about a black dragon, introduced at the beginning of the title, and that today has suffered all kinds of embarrassing defeats. From 32 warriors armed to the teeth shooting at the same time and finishing him in 54 seconds, to 40 players without armor giving him what he deserves.

With information from PC Gamer, the two players, Gendisarray (warrior) and Shiftus (priest), managed in less than an hour to exterminate Onyxia, a big black dragon in the WoW Classic, perfectly coordinating their skills and using treatment items and filters to replenish energy to stay in the race.

Admittedly, this is quite an achievement and shows how much World of Warcraft players have learned since the game's launch in 2004. Bosses who once seemed like an insurmountable challenge today are not a big problem for an experienced guild, and even - as you can see in the example of Gendisarray and Shiftus - a group of two. You can see the entire fight with Onyxia on Twitch.

Warrior and priest are the classes of Gendisarray and Shiftus, who stood firm against him. Among the details to take into account, is his position regarding Onyxia or the management of his resources. Every spell and attack was perfectly timed throughout the 57 minutes, demonstrating brutal concentration.

These kinds of stories are what inspire us to dream of doing something similar. Like this other Trackmania player, who has completed a shortcut that has not been done for more than a decade.

In other related news, Blizzard announced last month at BlizzCon 2021 that it could make "WoW: Wrath of the Lich King Classic" if requested by the community, and that the new WoW Shadowlands patch joins the four Covenant Storylines.

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