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Why New Horizons is so super loved by pretty much everyone under the sun

So we all know Animal Crossing: New Horizons is hugely popular — but like, crazy popular — and has been embraced by regular gamers, casual gamers, and even non-gamers alike since its release on March 20. But seeing as it's never enough for humans to be satisfied with mere observations, we want to know why things are things. So, let's have a think about why New Horizons is so super loved by pretty much everyone under the sun.

The game has a pretty simple core gameplay loop: you get a basic dwelling and Tom Nook's loan, there's a currency in the form of Bells, you upgrade your house using the Bells you earn. Sure, there's a wide range of activities you can carry out — like fishing and collecting fruit and seashells — but these are all still pretty basic things. So where does the magic lie?

This type of viral popularity is something new for the series. While the games have always sold well, past Animal Crossing games have existed on platforms with little to no online capabilities. It wasn’t exactly easy to tweet screenshots of what you were doing in a game on the Nintendo 3DS. The same goes for streaming. When Animal Crossing streamer Sarah “sarahpodz” Podzorski wanted to broadcast gameplay from the 3DS game New Leaf, for instance, she actually had to mod her handheld with a capture card. It was quite the process. Things are easier with the latest release, at least from a technological standpoint; it’s not as straightforward as streaming from an Xbox or PC, but at least you don’t have to mod your handheld. If you need Buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Items, you can visit our site

That’s not to say streaming Animal Crossing is necessarily simple. In fact, in some ways, it provides more of a challenge for creators, since the game has no plot or competitive element to hook viewers. “You have to create your own story that viewers want to be a part of and feel ownership of,” says Podzorski. “I was actually a little worried how my community would react to the game,” adds Miabyte. “It’s completely different to the narrative driven and action games I usually play, like say Warframe for instance. But the experience has been incredibly positive. It’s nice to have a game where I can chill out and just chat, giving equal attention to both the game and audience. It’s hard to find games like that.”

So basically, New Horizons is calming, charming, and farming. That's it. Its beauty lies in its simplicity, but at the same time that simplicity provides the perfect canvas upon which you can go pretty wild and tailor your experience to what you love.
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