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WoW Classic: An overview of all Horde and Allianz flight points

Traveling in wow classic is very time consuming. The first 40 levels you are on foot and only with the necessary gold supply you can then use the normal riding. In addition to a mount and normal running, there is still the possibility for faster travel on flight points to set.

How much is flying by flying point? Flying itself costs you some silver. The further you want to fly on one of the continents, the more expensive the flight becomes.

How do I unlock a flight point? If you've never been to the flight point before, you can not go there. This means that each flight point first wants to run and be unlocked. This is easy by speaking to the flight master at the flight point. Then you can book a flight to your other known flight points from there.

Where you each as a player of the Alliance or Horde find a flying point, we show you in this overview.
The Tiefenbahn and Zeppelin flight
Special features of the factions: As an alliance player you can also use the Stormwind and Ironforge trains to travel faster and for free between the cities. In Stormwind is the entrance in the dwarf quarter, in Ironforge, however, you will find the entrance in the quarter of Tüftlerstadt.

As a Horde player you can take a Zeppelin flight. It's free and will take you from Orgrimmar in Kalimdor to Undercity in the Eastern Kingdoms.

The flying points of the Eastern Kingdoms
The Eastern Kingdoms are predominantly dominated by the Alliance and correspondingly many flight points you find as an alliance player. Süderstade and Tarrens Mill are of course well-known points, especially when it comes to PvP. In addition, both factions share the flight point in Booty Bay.

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