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WoW Classic: Cenario circle, reputation guide

The Cenarion Circle is a faction of World of Warcraft Classic. You are told how to maintain a good reputation with them and the benefits you can gain from them.

The Cenarion Circle is a faction of World of Warcraft Classic. It is possible to complete quests to have a better reputation with this faction. You can find this faction in Moonlight Reflection and in Havrenuit for the Druids more precisely. It is possible to find them at Silithus, Cenarion Hold, for all breeds / classes.

Summary of reputation levels in WoW Classic:

    Exalted: Maximum level of reputation that gives access to specific interactions (purchase of frames in particular)
    Revered: Excellent reputation level that gives access to additional quests and better qualities
    Honored: Level of reputation that allows you to have 10% less with sellers
    Friendly: Higher reputation level
    Neutral: Standard reputation level

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The standard reputation is neutral but may vary by faction. Note that reputation levels can be used to purchase equipment, recipes or other formulas for trades. The level of your character does not matter, only your level of reputation counts for the faction vendors.

How to earn a reputation with the Cenarion Circle?

In World of Warcraft Classic, you have different ways to earn reputation points. So here's a little listing of ways to earn Reputation Points for the Cenarion Circle:

    Kill Twilight Cultists to get 1 reputation up to Honored level
    Kill Devastating Flames of Twilight to get 1 reputation point up to Revered level
    Kill creatures and bosses of Ahn'Qiraj Ruins and Ahn'Qiraj Temple
    Make the following repeatable quests:
- Your assignment
- Encrypted Twilight texts
- The equipment of war of the volunteers (needs to be friendly with the faction)
- Veteran's battle dress (needs to be honored with faction)
- The loyal war equipment (needs to be revered with the faction)
- Champion's battle dress (needs to be Exalted with the faction)

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